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Appanacharya - The great devotee and Sishya of our Guru Raghavendra Swamy - Part 2

Appanacharya - The great devotee and Sishya of our Guru Raghavendra Swamy - Part 2

Appanacharya has become so close to Guru Rayaru that he used to grind dhal to our Guru and both will spend most of their day time discussing about the Sri Hari on the banks of Tungabadra. During this time, Guru Rayaru understood the concern of Appanacharya and his family and advised Appanacharya to get into 2nd marriage, as per Guru's wish Appanacharya got married for the 2nd time and they both were blessed with the boy baby as per Sri Hari and Guru's wish and the lineage of Sri Appanacharya still continues till date and one of the family member of Appanacharya still lives in Bichali and maintains the Appanacharya's house where Guru and Appanacharya had spent their time during those days and the house is maintained in the same way and it is still intact

When Guru Raghavendra decided to get into Brindavana, the first thing he did was to request Diwan Venkanna to bring in a rock from Madhavaram, when Diwan brought, Guru knew it was not the right rock that he intended and also knew why this happened and asked Diwan to construct Brindavana and keep it open as it will be required by another Guru and went along with Venkanna and Appanacharya to Madhavaram and identified the rock by himself and told Appanacharya and Diwan the details of rock as it was the same rock where Lord Rama sat for 48 mins or 2 nazhigai when Lord Rama came in search of Sita devi towards Lanka and his wish was to have this rock as his Brindavana. Second thing Guru did was to request Diwan to bring him 701 Saligrama which advised to keep that on top of his Brindavana once it is shielded. Other important part that Guru did was to request Sri Appanacharya to go and inform others about his Brindavana Prevesha so that everyone is aware of it.

This came as a suprise to Appanacharya, however he did not question back Guru and went to perform his duty per Guru's ask and he hoped that he will be back with Guru on time.

However Guru's wish was different...

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