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Mrithika of Sri Guru Raghavendra Swamy and miracles of Guru's Mrithika

If you have been a devotee of Guru Sri Guru Raghavendra Swamy, you would have heard about Mrithika.
Few years when I do not know much about Mrithika. Infact I was under the impression Mrithika is a sand which has been presevered from Guru Raghavendra's period.

Later stage I came to know that I was wrong but did'nt get the entire details of Mrithika. Before my visit to Mantralaya in 2011, I read a post in the internet that anyone can buy Mrithika from Mantralayam. So when I went to Mantralayam, I went and asked an Archakar about this in the Mutt. He informed me that I should not be asking like this loudly to everyone as this is so precious and will not be sold for monetary benefits. But he guided me to the right person and now I have a package of Mrithika with me.

For the benefits of everyone, 

Mrithika is a mixture of sand and clay that gains sanctity when brought in the prescribed manner and spread on the Moola Brindavan. The earth of Mantralya itself is sacred since it is the place where Prahlad had lived and performed yaga, its holiness having been further enhanced by the power of Sri Raghavendra's austerities. click here to read the details on the holiness of Mantralaya.

From the garden of tulsi plaints behind the Moola Brindavan, Mrithika is brought with sanctity every year amidst playing of musical instruments and spread on the Moola Brindavan. On the Mrithika saligrams are also placed. This is called Mrithika Sangrahan. This is done annually on Ashad Purnima which usually falls on a full moon day during the month of Jul-August ( In 2012, it is on 3rd July )

The foremost procedure for installation of a Brindavan is, the Moola Mrithika from Sri Swami's Moola Brindavan at Mantralaya is brought with sanctity in order to sanctify the Brindavan to be installed. The pontiff of the Sri Math, while handing over the Mrithika to those connected with the installation of the Brindavan, blesses them and wishes them success. The Mrithika of Sri Raghavendra Swami carries His power and presence in it.

Infact the power of Mrithika has been known during the days of Guru Raghavendra Swamy. 
one of the routine work of Guru Raghavendra swamy is to teach vedas and spread bakthi. He will be group of sisyas with him to teach the vedas and travel with him. 

One day, during early morning when Guru Raghavendra swamy was taking his bath in cauvery river, one of his diciple came to Guru and informed him that he is going to get married and he needs permission to go to his village and come back. This particular diciple was a very poor and do not have his parents or relatives to help him in his marriage. He has to be on his own. During those days, 
while taking bath, Guru usually applies the sand from the river and uses river water to clean the applied sand(Mrithika). When this diciple asked for permission, Guru wiped the Mrithika from his body and gave it to his diciple and blessed him.

Diciple was not sure what to do with the Mrithika but he thought of carrying it with him since Guru might have given this for some reason. While travelling back to his village, on a night, he sat outside a house to have a sleep and start his journey next day. When he was there, he heard a coversion with a father and daughter inside the house. The daughter gave a birth to a baby very recently and they both were crying. From their conversation, the diciple came to know that there is a ghost who will come and pick up the newly born baby. This has happend to their previous babies and both daughter and father were crying and felt the same will happen to this baby as well.

However due to tiredness, the diciple went to sleep. During mid night he heard some sound and he got up and saw a ghost waiting in front of this house. He got afraid, however he firmly holded the Mrithika in the hand and started to chant Guru's name. The ghost asked him that he has something with him which is stopping the ghost to enter the house. He said it is Mrithika of Guru Raghavendra Swamy.

When the ghost tried to enter again, it was thrown back due the the power of Guru Raghavendra Swamy's Mrithika. Diciple of Guru asked the ghost to leave away, however ghost replied to him that it will have to take the baby as per law because the grand father of the baby has made so much of sins and he has to pay for it. So it asked diciple to get away from this house so that it can enter and take the baby. By this time, both the grand-father and daughter heard the conversations and came out and told the diciple that they have face this due to the sins they made in their life and requested diciple to go away. However diciple informed them that how can a ghost do this to a newly born baby and said to them that he has the blessings of Guru Raghavendra swamy and the ghost cannot do anything.

By saying this, he took a small amount of mrithika and throwed it towards the ghost. Within seconds,ghost disappeared. Diciple and others heard just the voice of the ghost which informed them that
it was in ghost form since it did not complete his life as ordered by almightly, however due the power of Guru Raghavendra Swamy's mrithika, it was able to get rid of his ghost form and thanked the diciple and informed the daughter and father that it wont trouble them again.

By hearding this, the family was so happy and gave lot of rewards to diciple which he used for his marriage and came back to Guru to continue his education.

This was not the only instance, even today, devotees of Guru who have Mrithika are seeing the miracles of it irrespective of the size of the problem ( either small or big ). 

Devotees usually take a clean bath and pray Guru. After this they take a pinch of Mrithika and mix it with water and drink it as a teertha. Mrithika has enormous power which cures and solves all the problem if we trust and believe on Sri Guru Raghavendra Swamy.

Sri Guru Raghavendra Swamy knows when to give and what to give to his devotees and we all know he is "Kalpakaviruksha" as rightly said by Sri Appanacharya in Sri Raghavendra Guru Stotram. 
Devotees should have trust and pray to Guru soul-heartedly and lead a life in a right way. 

As Guru stated, "Without right living, right thinking will not come ".

[ஸ்ரீ கிருஷ்ணார்ப்பணம் ]


  1. Nice one.Thanks for sharing this precious info

    1. Sri Vinoth - Thanks for your comments.

    2. Dear Madam,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. This Mrithika is from moola brindavan which will be prepared once in a year. I got this Mrithika during my visit in 2011 which I have it here. Pls leave a message if you need any additional information.

      Thank you

    3. Thanks for providing valuable information.
      Is it possible for anyone who visits Mantralayam to get holy Mrithika from Sri Guru Raghavendra Swamy Mutt.

    4. Yes. Anyone who visits Mantralayam can get the holy Mrithika. You have to reach out to Temple priest. This is not sold in Mutt.

      Thank you

  2. Can we get the holy mirthika from any of the priest who does pooja in temple.

  3. Hi, we are non- Brahmins, can we also get Holy Mrithika. we strongly believe in Sri Rayaru.

    1. Dear Sir ,

      Yes, Guru does not see people by caste, only way to reach him is by good deeds. Anyone can get the Holy Mrithika

  4. Was very touched by reading your article. No doubt Shri Raghavendraswamy's Mruthika is very powerful . I have experienced its positive effect many times. I pray to Guru Rayaru to bless his devotees with good health and happiness. Om Shri Raghvendraya Namaha.

  5. Devotees who visit Mantralaya should also have a Darshan of Guru Ragahavendra's Paduka and get blessed. It is kept near the main temple in one of the two descendants of the Swamiji [Alternate every 6 month] which is near the Sri Venkateshwara temple. This is walkable distance. Devotees may request for Mirthika at this place,

  6. Thanks for the info. Will be visiting Mantralayam in September for the first time. Your blog is of great help to me. May Rayaru bless u n ur family always !
    Om Sri Raghvendraya Namah.

    1. Dear Kavita,

      Thanks for your kind words, you will experince divine feeling in Mantralayam. Pls. plan to perform Seva and visit near by places like Panchamukhi, Visit to Archaka place to have a darshan of our Guru's paduka, Pls. visit Manchalamma first before visiting Guru's brindavan, also during your way from Station to Mantralayam, visit Madavaram where Lord Rama sat for few mins and the same rock was used to construct Guru';s brindavanam. May Guru bless you and your family

  7. Hi mam, it is so nice to read any post related to lord raghavendra swamy and indeed nice to read your divine experience too..I am a devotee of raghavendra swamy and till date did not get a chance to visit his brindavan..I am planning to go to mantralayam this November 2014. Hope swamy ji blesses me to visit as per our plan..since this is my first visit with my family can you please suggest me things to be done and visited ..also it wud be great if you could tell us where the mrithika would be available and other holy things which would be available..
    May lord bless you and your family ! Regards,A.Lakshmi