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Appanacharya - The great devotee and Sishya of our Guru Raghavendra Swamy - Part 2

Appanacharya - The great devotee and Sishya of our Guru Raghavendra Swamy - Part 2

Appanacharya has become so close to Guru Rayaru that he used to grind dhal to our Guru and both will spend most of their day time discussing about the Sri Hari on the banks of Tungabadra. During this time, Guru Rayaru understood the concern of Appanacharya and his family and advised Appanacharya to get into 2nd marriage, as per Guru's wish Appanacharya got married for the 2nd time and they both were blessed with the boy baby as per Sri Hari and Guru's wish and the lineage of Sri Appanacharya still continues till date and one of the family member of Appanacharya still lives in Bichali and maintains the Appanacharya's house where Guru and Appanacharya had spent their time during those days and the house is maintained in the same way and it is still intact

When Guru Raghavendra decided to get into Brindavana, the first thing he did was to request Diwan Venkanna to bring in a rock from Madhavaram, when Diwan brought, Guru knew it was not the right rock that he intended and also knew why this happened and asked Diwan to construct Brindavana and keep it open as it will be required by another Guru and went along with Venkanna and Appanacharya to Madhavaram and identified the rock by himself and told Appanacharya and Diwan the details of rock as it was the same rock where Lord Rama sat for 48 mins or 2 nazhigai when Lord Rama came in search of Sita devi towards Lanka and his wish was to have this rock as his Brindavana. Second thing Guru did was to request Diwan to bring him 701 Saligrama which advised to keep that on top of his Brindavana once it is shielded. Other important part that Guru did was to request Sri Appanacharya to go and inform others about his Brindavana Prevesha so that everyone is aware of it.

This came as a suprise to Appanacharya, however he did not question back Guru and went to perform his duty per Guru's ask and he hoped that he will be back with Guru on time.

However Guru's wish was different...

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Appanacharya - The great devotee and Sishya of our Guru Raghavendra Swamy - Part 1

Appanacharya - The great devotee of our Guru Raghavendra Swamy

Bichali is a place close to Raichur in the Karnataka side and separated from Mantralaya Andrapradesh by River Tungabadra. This is such a holy place because our Guru Rayaru stayed their for long time. Appanacharya is a great knowledge and guru to students in that area. Knowing his knowledge and magnitude people around the village started to send their child to him to acquire knowledge. Day by day his students strength started to increase and at some point, he was not able to provide food for every student and requested student to get alma or Biksha and it is quiet common during those time and people also recognize his students and provide food happily and hence the village was named as Bichali. Appanacharya is a strong beleiver of Madhwa philosophy with Sri Hari Sarvotama and vayu Jeevotama. There is strong saying that Appanacharya used to bake rice by tieing it on the branch of the tree where he teaches and exactly during afternoon when he opens the cloth, rice would have been baked. He does this regualarly without fire , wood and water which shows his devotion and knowledge.

Rayaru decided to get into Brindavana in Mantralaya ( read here why Guru chooses Mantralayam ) due to its importance and reached mantralyam and requested Diwan Venkanna to get that place for him. During that time he also crossed river Tungabadra and reached Bichali. Hearing Guru, Appanacharya reached him and requested to follow him whereever he goes. Appanacharya knowledge, obedience, devotion, kindness all attracted Guru and made him as his sisya. Both Guru and Appanacharyaru used to spend time for hours to talk about Madhawa philosophy, about Sri Hari for hours and hours. Still the place where they used to sit and talk is available. Guru Rayaru spend more than 4 - 5 years in this place and stayed in Appanacharya's house.

He infact do Moola rama pooja in the hall of the house and Appanacharya used to grind dhall and peanut chutney himself to Guru regularly.

Being so close and main sisya to Guru Rayaru, why Appanacharya was not there with him during Brindavana Prevesha, Why there is a Brindavana in Bichali when Mantralayam is just few mins away... will share this in next Thursday

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Significance of Saligramam / Shaligram in Mantralayam

Significance of Saligramam / Shaligram in Mantralayam 

Sri Guru Raghavendra swamy resides in Mantralayam in 6x6 width and 7 feet height Brindavana doing Japam on Sri Hari, Sri Krishna, Sri Rama and Narashima devaru for the benefits of world devotees irrespective of caste, creed and location, being in that place itself gives abundance punya to everyone.

As we all know, there are 702 Lakshmi Narayana Saligramam's of same nature has been placed on top of the brindavana.

History of Saligramam  / Shaligram

Legend has it that once Bramha was exasperated at the rate of increase of the sinners among his creation. Then drops of sweat rolled down his cheeks which inturn became a form of a female child called “Gandaki.” She did severe penance which became so overwhelming that the Devas started trembling before her. when she requested a boon to be mother all of them, Devas pleaded their inability, at which Gandaki became furious and cursed all the devas to be born as worms on the earth below.

The Devas in their turn placed a countercurse on her head that she should become inert matter. This made brahma unhappy and all the three turned to Vishnu, who said: “As already curse pronounced, it cannot be revoked. However Lord  said: ” I shall take up my abode in the Chakra Teertha near Salagramakshetra. You, Devas, shall migrate to this hallowed region as “Vajrakitas” eating into the pebbles. Gandaki shall in the form of a river fill the universe enveloping the shilas hallowed by me.” Salagrama stones are obtained only from the river Gandaki, which is a Himalayan stream.

The puranas also describe it as a sacred stream in which all the gods and devas abide . By merely looking at it, dipping in it and drining it, one would eliminate all his mental defilement’s, by touching it his bodily sins are burnt up and will be liberated from the cycle of birth and deaths, even if he be a sinner.

So is the power of one saligrama and now we all know why our beloved Guru had requested to have it placed on top of his brindavana. Just having 12 of same Saligrama will provide a benefit of visiting 7 punya shetras. With 702 Saligrama on top of brindavana, one who visits Mantralayam will have the benefit of visiting all punya shetras.

Our Beloved Guru is there to take care of all our sins and guide us to the right way of living to avoid cycles of birth

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